About ESZ Company
The ESZ Company was formerly called "Fu-Sen Wire Mesh Store" founded by Mr. Fu-Yin Chen in 1939. From 1951 "E Shie Zong" has been turned into a company form.  

ESZ is the only manufacturer in Taiwan has a vertical integrated production system from stainless steel wire, wire mesh, conveyor belt to filter components. From a small store, ESZ has become one of the major players of wire mesh products in Asia. The company headquarter and factories are located in Taiwan and China, while its products are exported to Europe, Asia, America, and Australia. Expertise takes time. ESZ is a three-generation owned company that spans over sixty years.

In an era where economy growth is based on knowledge, talented people are a priceless asset. ESZ is devoted to researching and developing better products for customer's demand and new applications. ESZ service is based on company integrity, company reliability and gives priority to customer's demand. Our motto "High quality product at a fair price" has been our line of conduct and, to this day, it has proved to have guaranteed customer satisfaction. Wishing to serve society with high standard, ESZ continuously strives to be a better company. and highly focused toward the development of high quality products so as to satisfy market's demand.

In a millennium where global economy is inevitable, ESZ is searching for possibilities to create new
business values for the long term future; it is looking into opening its door to new alliances with different industries and share the splendor, hence, going along with the meaning of the name of our company “E Shie Zong”which in Chinese means "to team up and share the glory".

Development History
  •   1939 "Fu-Sen" Wird Mesh Store "founded on Shan-Tou Street Meng-jia Taipei"
  •   1951 Made into a company with the name of "E Shi Zong"
  •   1961 Second generation joined the company.
  •   1971 Factory in Tu-Cheng, Taipei county was built.
  •   1984 Factory moved to kuan-Yin, Tao-Yuan.
  •   1988 Third generation joined the company.
  •   1995 Factory in Hebei, China was built.
  •   2007 Company name changed to "ESZ."